Saturday, October 06, 2012

There Is No Beginning No End

There Is No Beginning No End

light turns a corner
no longer in sight
silence call dropped
into the night
ashes shared with ocean
with mountain
voice on the other end
mid sentence
finished as all conversations are
by the hearer
continued as all lives are
by the still living

Phil Specht
October 5, 2012


Shirlee in NC said...

Wonderful!!! And the image that goes with is perfect. Thanks, Puddle.

I miss Phil's sensible and informative posts very much.

puddle said...

I searched for a good while before finding it. I think it's amazing. As is the poem.

Phil seems pretty busy with the election. And Tigers just passed the bar, and I got invited by his mum to his "graduation" party! Wish I could go! That is *truly* a grand family.

Anonymous said...

So happy for Tigers!!

LOve the poem.

~ listener

hannah said...

Great poem. Funny that I thought to check in. KOS was down and I was looking to see if others were up.