Monday, June 10, 2013

Phil Specht  ~~  Our fishing camp had "morning meditations" of poetry this year and William Carlos Williams was a feature one morning. Sent me on a Frost jag since (who knows why?) and this story brought A White Tailed Hornet to mind... part of the last stanza since the hornet got it wrong That really takes away instead of gives. 

Our worship, humor, conscientiousness

Went long since to the dogs under the table.

And served us right for having instituted

Downward comparisons. As long on earth

As our comparisons were stoutly upward

With gods and angels, we were men at least,

But little lower than the gods and angels.

But once comparisons were yielded downward,

Once we began to see our images

Reflected in the mud and even dust,

'Twas disillusion upon disillusion.