Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Philosopher Of The Land (The Unified Theory of Everything)

Birds to the mulberry tree
dessert after insect meal
do they carry the life force to the mulberry seed?

The grazing cows stirring the plants
rough tongue made to rend the green curtain
there for certain life is given and received.
But new tree under fence post telling of birds.

Seeing the whole
Bugs and birds, plants, animals
under a wide sky, blessed by the sun
under a watchful eye, a knowing eye
"come bos"
come I know greener pastures.

I know greener pastures.

So with Dan's gentle call
first the wisest begin to follow
(he does not fail them)
for rain falls on just and unjust
and not needing to wander 40 years
find a promised land under a watchful eye
as they pass the gate.

Phil Specht