Sunday, January 03, 2016


Happy New YearBy Ally’s Mom

Earlier this month we visited NYC for a visit with the Long Term Follow Up Care Team.  Ally had blood drawn, an echocardiogram, and an EKG.  We got a call today that all of her tests came back looking good!  That is good news, as her treatment has the potential to do real damage to her heart, but so far it is looking good.  The biggest concern for Ally right now is her weight.  Over the year we were gone from NYC Ally grew about an inch, but lost weight.  We are trying to add calories to her wherever we can (back to whole milk, ice cream for dessert often, full fat and calories yogurt, etc.)  We are also trying to add benacalorie into some of her foods; despite the amazon reviews you can taste it in many foods, and it tastes gross.  She has already gained 0.6 pounds this month!  We go back to MSKCC in NYC next December.
In the meantime we are headed up for a check in with our NH team near the end of January.
Happy New Year!