Saturday, October 06, 2012

In media res. . .

In media res

Always, our arrival
Just as the downstairs maid
pours the boiled water
over the tea leaves
in cup bottom

The sky explorer
crosses the international

Mare nickers
to foal

Damselfly leaves
her leaf
launches into oxygen

Dung beetle approaches

And us. Here.
Begging for attention.

6 Octobre 2012



Anonymous said...


~ listener

Anonymous said...

I miss the blog. Phil

listener said...

Me too, Phil.

listener said...

Y'know, there was something about THE Dean Blog which I haven't fully encountered anywhere else yet. We had a shared purpose, we were driven, determined and we believed good could happen, that we could engender good.

Facebook is a lot of people popping by for entertainment. Most blogs are too, to some extent. But BFA 1.0 was raw and real, wild (amazing to get firsties!), caring and fairly focused, all things considered. I miss the mania and the focus. I miss the excitement of shared intent. I miss Howard Dean.