Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Day of Remembrance.

The water falls where the towers fell

the names forever in stone still fresh memory

of flesh and blood of loved ones, family even now.

Say them. Global names of all kinds a common thread

they are remembered with love, children almost too young

to feel daddy's hug still feel ours. We taste their tears.

Our nation wraps in self as one.

Strong voices cracked, the solitary sob caught on camera

a public private moment intertwined.

It is alright. You are with friends.

By Phil Specht on September 11, 2011

Phil Specht

Collective Memory

We came together
saw the flags went to war.
It had to happen didn't it?

So that was our next great leap as a species?
Form a mob?
Just when we had it together.

So chuck on the blog says wage peace.
wage peace

Makes some sense you know
that voice coming from outside
should have come from the together inside
or it wasn't going to happen was it.

Leopard in our midst
scream the chimps.

(more reflections of 9-11)

Phil Specht

The Great Divide

The surface of this space time
has futures' morn
a birthday;
we have no say
and yet were born.
Pasts yet unborn
will mingle on this side
of the great divide.
We are not yet there
we are here
on a spinning orb
of blue and green.
And those that
have left us for now
had their mourn
and are both there and here
unseen, above.
We let them join us
then fade
or come unannounced
and join this parade
with as valid a claim
as we to a past
that was made
light out of darkness
by love.

(shared on the eve of 9-11)

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listener said...

Grateful. So grateful, Phil...and puddle.

Is that "it" rather than "in" in line 7 of A Day of Remembrance?