Saturday, November 05, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011 10:13 AM, EDT

We are on the train ride home...and they now have wi fi!

Last night Ally had a great night. She "snapped out of it" around 6:00, just in time to have salad, french fries and cheese cake for dinner. We even got some time in the playroom at The Ronald. Last night the New York Rangers Game Room at The Ronald was unveiled. There were even some retired players (I have no idea who, as neither of us really follow hockey) for the event. It is a pretty cool room, set up with at least 2 X-Box Kinects and a bunch of other media for the kids to play with. Ally had no interest, but on our next trip it might be fun for Mommy and Daddy to play!
By 8:00 she was ready for bed.

We are already slated to head back for the next round of 3f8 in January (as long as Ally is HAMA negative).

The medical world of Ally's cancer treatment has always been part of her world, since before she can remember. She just assumes it is normal; however she has started to ask questions. She asked me if I have ever had a Mic-Key button, and also, if I had to do 3f8 when I was little. When I tell her Daddy and I never had to do those things she gets quiet for a bit, then changes the subject. I wonder what she is thinking.

We are getting closer to home, and looking forward to the rest of the weekend to just relax and sleep in our own beds with our own pillows.

Thanks for sticking with us this week...

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Jo said...

Thank you for letting us ride along with you. Much love and many prayers for you all. xoxoxo