Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fear. Friend. Come.

Let us see what must be done.
See if it can be born,
and if not,
what then

No use to weep and wail
that the way's too hard
It is, and nothing more

Find solace where it can be found to hand:
Sound of leaves cartwheeling in the wind
Rain on sky windows
A little warmth when needed
A little flavor on the tongue
Will have to do

Make space, mark time:
there are still those who need you

20 October 2011


tc said...

Oh, puddle. You write exquisitely. This is so important for me to cling to right now as well. Thank you.

Jo said...

I need you Beautifully said. xo

eagle said...

I need you in so many ways...those known to both of us and those yet to be discovered...LLL

listener said...

You are essential.
But just for who you are as you
are, not to do anything in
particular...for me at least.