Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 6:48 PM, EDT

Looking back over the trip to NYC, I would say things went as well as they could. It is never a "good" week when you have to watch your child suffer in intense pain for 5 days, even though it is for the greater good. But, nothing unexpected happened and we made it home safely, so I would say that is a successful week.

Ally is already showing signs of anxiety about the next trip. We are trying to not talk about it, and just let her enjoy her time at home.

She was determined to go to school today. There is construction on the way to school and Grammy and Auntie Stacy had to keep Ally awake on the way there. We found out that Ally spent some time in the rocking chair at school because she was so tired. Hopefully she will be feeling more awake tomorrow.

This morning we got to gather on the State House Lawn for a Make-A-Wish event. It is in connection with the Credit Unions of New Hampshire (I think every credit union, but I am not positive, you can check the Make-A-Wish website to find out the ones that are participating). If you are interested, I think you can just go to your local credit union (even if you are not a member) and buy a calendar for $25. The money goes to Make-A-Wish, and Ally will be on the calendar! Plus you fill out the bottom and get placed into a drawing. (This is my understanding from the event this morning, I may be completely wrong, and if so I hope "Wishing Lady" Donna reads this and corrects anything in the Guestbook, and then I will be sure to repost if need be.

Ally is also a little ball of emotions. She was very upset when I had to leave for work after the Make-A-Wish event, and Grammy had to rush inside with a crying Ally. I think it is just the emotion and craziness of the NYC trip, by next week she should be good.

That's about it. Next week we already test for HAMA again (on the 21st). We will get results on the 27th. One of the Nurse Practitioners down in New York thought it would be very unlikely for Ally to remain HAMA negative, but we will just wait and see. If she is negative Daddy and Ally will head to NYC on Halloween and do round 4 of 3f8 on November 1st. We will need to convince our neighbors to do trick or treating a day early for Ally!

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