Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarge, this is for you

Sometimes I forget why I love you

. . . . . I have always had a great affection for grass. It seems to stand for quietness and strength.
. . . . . . . . . . ~~ Henry A Wallace

This is why:

You gave me grass,
Gardener, painter, my eye never saw them
So soft in the distance, fine in the foreground

Now: spring is not spring without the green girls flouncing
nor summer summer without the fine fringe
the subtle flower
nor fall fall without the seed heads dancing
Winter's fine gold thatch that keeps the ground
and saves and plants seeds for friends and neighbors
nurses the children of strangers

You picked well my love:
how your life's work mirrors your soul
Quiet and strength, indeed

Come soon
my soul needs that
as does my garden

14 October 2010


Sarge said...

Your poem touches me deeply.

Such a gift you have for capturing the essence of things. Certainly this one ranks among your best, and it is an instant favorite of mine.

white bear said...

Thank you love. This was one that nearly wrote itself (after taunting me for nearly two years with the green girls line).