Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010 11:05 AM, EDT

We are all done with injections and 3f8!!!

Ally did a fantastic job today. She had pain for about 30 minutes. She kept yelling, "Ouchies get out of here! Go away ouchies!" She is resting comfortably right now, every now and then itching her face, as the narcotics make her itchy.

Tomorrow the Ronald McDonald House is putting on a trip to the Circle Line, which is a boat that gives a tour of the city. We are hoping Ally is willing to go. It is supposed to rain here, but the boats are covered. We are then hoping to visit the zoo on Sunday.

Right now, we have a 9:00 appointment for her bone marrows on Monday. They also want a once over of her. The nurse practitioner with us today told everyone involved that we had a train to catch on Monday, so they needed to be quick about everything. The great thing is that Daddy is working this weekend, so he has Monday off and can pick us up in Boston, on Monday, Patriots' Day, aka, Boston Marathon day. We sure do get good travel days! (Read that last part with sarcasm for the craziness of Boston, or with a smile for the lack of rush hour traffic.)

We are now just letting Ally sleep it off a while.

PS We did get Ally to go to the park yesterday afternoon. She went down slides and swung for a long time. She had a good time.

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