Wednesday, August 28, 2013 

Ally has had 2 fabulous days of first grade!  She loves everything about being at school!  She even loves the after school program at ther school, run by the local YMCA.  But let's face it, she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her teacher!

She comes home exhausted and grumpy, but about 5 minutes into dinner and she is back to her normal self.

We are so thankful that Ally is having such a positive experience with school. We know we are a very lucky family.  Neuroblastoma is a nasty disease that doesn't like to let go; and so many other families do not get to send their children to school.

September is childhood cancer awareness month.  Please think about something small you could do to ease a family battling cancer; donate money, time or a skill you have, making cards, or sending in a little boredom buster to your local children's hospital, Ronald McDonald house or the like is a great way to help out.

Happy Whistle Pig Wednesday!

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