Sunday, April 14, 2013


Bending for Love

The forest understudy is not linear

sunlight breaks through there
a young tree here.
A Cherry twists and turns
first to that and then this
moment in the sun.
Til grown, safe from harvest,
from industrial sawmill,
its curves would not yield utility.
In a artisan's loving hands
could be transformed.
Held, touched.
Or here, seen for what it is as it stands.
Already beautiful.  

Phil Specht   April 14, 2013


listener said...

Already. Yes.

Thank-you, Phil.


puddle said...


hannah said...

She awakes! Like sleeping beauty.

One hopes it was a restful one.

puddle said...

It was/is a lot of work, lol! The new interface is very very bad. At least as far as my computer and dialup goes. I'm not supposing anyone cares anymore about us dialup bebes. . . . I'll prolly keep truckin, some.