Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ally is six!!!!!!

We are celebrating by mommy and daddy being home sick, and Grammy and Grampa  thankfully taking Ally for most of the day, so we can rest. Ally's morning Kindergarten was cancelled because of the icy conditions as well. Fun times!

Over the weekend Ally started to get "goopy eyes". She also said her ear hurt, and when she laid down for bed, she said she was dizzy. We were hoping it would pass quickly, but she was not any better on Monday. So, we called up her pediatrician and got her in that night...double ear infection! They were not so bad that she needed antibiotics, but with her surgery on Friday, the doctor gave them to us; so Ally will be good to go. The doctor also prescribed some eye drops (although she did not really think Ally had pink eye) to clear those up for the surgery as well. Ally is doing well with the meds, although she hates the "pink stuff" (I did too, when I was little). Her energy is as high as ever, and she is super excited about her birthday. (She is a little bummbed school was cancelled this morning.)

We are all set for port removal on Friday.

Happy Birthday to our little miracle!

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