Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Written Jun 26, 2012 4:45pm
Ally was fantastic in her dance recital.  She was very nervous before the show started, but performed fantastically once she reached the stage.
Last week, and this week Ally and her buddy Max have been taking swim lessons at the local pool.  The picture above is Ally being a shark, in the game "Sharks and Minnows".  Last year I was required (by Ally, not the lifeguards) to be in the pool, holding her hand for EVERY swim lesson.  This year I have not needed to be in the pool at all!  Ally is enjoying her time in the pool, and is very good at listening to the lifeguards.  She is still reluctant to put her face in the water, but I have seen huge gains from last summer!  She will finish up swim lessons this week, and then do another 2 weeks at the end of the summer.
The week after the 4th of July we are headed to Story Land!  The week after that Ally has Dance Camp with one of her friends.  She has a busy, busy summer!
In the midst of all her fun times we need to do another round of scans...I say scans, because she has had scanS for 4 years, but she really only has to do one now, but the phrase "round of scan" doesn't sound right....anyway.  Ally will have her MIBG injection on July 24 and the scan on the 25th.  I will be sure to post news as soon as I know.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers on the 25th.  (Us too...scanxiety is the worst).
P.S. No more lost teeth!  The tooth fairy needed a break!

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