Monday, May 07, 2012

Sunday, 6 May 2012

We have had a fun few weeks.
During April Vacation we made a trip to the Boston Aquarium.  When asked what her favorite part was, Ally replied, "Showing Daddy everything."  (This was Daddy's first time ever to the Boston Aquarium.)
Later in the week we met up with Auntie Stacy and Auntie Kelly in Portland, and visited the children's museum there.  We spent the night at Old Orchard Beach (the new picture was taken was cold on the beach!).  The following morning we headed to the Dover Children's Museum and for mini golf.  It was a great mini-vacation.
This past weekend we visited Vermont for Daddy to compete in the Tough Mudder (google's a 10 mile obstacle course up and down Mount Snow with obstacles such as jumping into a dumpster of ice water, running through hanging wires that are charged with electricity, and crawling through tunnels full of mud that are underground and grow increasingly more narrow....good times!).  Daddy and his friends who completed this crazy event had a great time!  Ally and I hung back at the hotel, as the crowd of 20,000 people would have been a bit much for her to handle.
This Thursday we are headed to the Make-A-Wish breakfast...always a worthy cause for any money that might be burning a hole in your pocket!
Ally has just a few weeks of school left, and I only have 6 weeks left...we are both very excited for summer.

That's all for now...hopefully the weather stays nice and I can upload some pictures of Ally outside.

Life feels really good right's been a long journey, it's nice to take a break...

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