Monday, April 16, 2012

When a mind is great enough to ignore common prejudice. . . .
As a young rake. . . .

Many years ago, Herman Wolf was entertaining a guest at his parents' rural home near Bremen, Germany, when, in general conversation, Wolf's mother mentioned that a huge pond in their garden was "leaking".

The guest said he might be able to help and immediately fashioned a forked dowsing rod.

Taking the rod, he walked out to the pond and in a short time pinpointed the exact location of the underground flow that was draining the pond. The Wolfs were delighted and even more so when heir guest proceeded to teach them the fine points of the art of

Herman Wolf was actually more amazed than delighted because his friend and guest was none other that the celebrated scientist Albert Einstein.

-- George Cunningham-Tee
Toronto Sun Syndicate

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