Friday, April 20, 2012


Vincent – A One Man Show

It's those spiraling lights
suns on a roller coaster ride.
You are outside with him
a candle in your hand
watching his brush swirl
the paint and you're not
sure which is brighter,
stars that you now see
as he sees or as he places
them on the canvas fused
with sky, blossoming.

His hand makes its own
story of creation expanding
into nights heating and pumping
beyond body into trees, village,
hills, and you are here as witness.

Too much resonance to be
contained in hand, skin, bones
the villagers in Arles mocked
him, chased him and pelted
him with stones. Despite his
agony he painted, left as surety
for unpaid rent his visions by
hand, heart, and soul that
he taught us to see and feel
a nature we would not discover
on our own. “ I cannot live
without being loved,” he said,
better to sleep, to become stone.
“You take a train to get to
the city, but it takes death
to get to a star.” Was this
his longing all along, to return
to Creation's burning source?

“Theo, I could die like this.” 


~~ Pat Maslowski  



Leonard Nimoy wrote and acted in 
Vincent, a one man show, published    
by Rumbleseat Productions, 2006
Chatsworth, CA.



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