Thursday, March 01, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012 1:17 PM, EST

Ally is HAMA positive. This is a bit disappointing, as we are pretty sure this was her last chance for a final dose of 3f8. There is a little confusion about the actual end date of the protocol, so we have a call/e-mail in to the NYC doctors. Hopefully we will know by tomorrow.
Regardless, we are not sure what our next steps will be. At some point NYC wants us to come back so they can do their post 3f8 workup on her. This would involve a set of scans, blood tests and various other procedures, to see how her body is functioning, after 4 years of cancer treatment....a bit daunting to think about!

Other than that, we have already been out in the snow once today, with plans to play/shovel again. It is nice to finally have snow on the ground!

Everyone is healthy again. The antibiotics have really helped Ally's hearing! This is great, I was getting tired of talking loudly and repeating myself.

As soon as I know what our next steps are I will let you know!

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