Friday, March 23, 2012

DFA is killing the blog at the end of April. Suggesting we join them on facebook or tweeter. . . .

practice tweets they were, I saved them to pester a tweeety bird poet friend, lol
By Phil Specht on Mar 23, 2012

- the intolerable half load of 140

By Phil Specht on Mar 23, 2012

burdened beast of speech betrayed


for no two ideas

essential for debate to be held half hitch


but half hitched



corner gps found

blackberry bound

could be friends almost meet

had eyes left gaze of tiny screen

thumbs quiet

index finger salute to Jobs



trees the right height

thrush throat

morn to be born

territory but no mate

no nest, first melody

melody tableau

warbler tree high

lark meadow low

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