Friday, January 06, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012 6:55 PM, EST

Clear Scans!!!

Ally's CT and MIBG are clear! We are still scheduled to pull bone marrows on Monday. We should have those results sometime next week.

On top of clear scans we can also celebrate how awesome Ally behaved. Yesterday was her CT scan. If you have never had one, google it, so you can see the huge machine Ally goes into. It is loud as well. She was very calm, and held her breath when they told her too. The nurse said the images were great, and that Ally did a fantastic job. We were under the impression that today's scan would be about 45 minutes to an hour, as that is how long they tell us it takes when she is under sedation. In actuality it was two, 5 minute scans. Even with the shorter time, we are still very proud of Ally, for laying so still. She stayed very still and the images were clear. She still had to do the day of no eating, just in case she freaked out and needed anesthesia. She didn't need it, didn't complain about being hungry, and got a nice Olive Garden reward! She is our rock-star. What a great way to begin 2012! Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers these past two days, keep them coming for clear bone marrows!

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