Monday, December 26, 2011

Hopefully, soon to simply be a bad memory. . . .


The GOOD swallow -- you just swallow, it's easy and whatever you just swallowed goes down, and seems to stay down

Problematical swallow -- you *can* swallow, but it's unpleasant: a sense that a hand is grabbing at your throat, and squeezing. Generally, you get a fairly quick return.

The BAD swallow -- you don't. You try to force it, and it hurts, and stuff squirts with a fair amount of force back into your mouth and possibly into your nasal cavities, too. Nothing goes down.

The don't even try: sense of backed-upness from the xiphoid process to pharynx. Only an idiot would even attempt a swallow right now. (Problem here is, that if you are starving and dehydrated, you ARE going to try. . . .)

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