Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 12:11 PM, EDT

Last night Ally slept straight through. One of the side effects of the 3f8, is that it makes it hard for the kids to pee. Ally peed around 11:00 AM yesterday, and then again around 7:00 AM today. Hopefully that won't happen again. We did have to give her some meds at The Ronald last night, as she had a little hitch in her breathing. After that she slept wonderfully. Because Ally was so out of it last night we missed the Halloween Gala the Ronald McDonald house held. The poster said it was at a fancy ballroom somewhere on Park Avenue, and the the cast of Wicked was going to perform. We wish Ally had been feeling better, because that would have been AWESOME! Oh well. Before the 3f8 yesterday we did get to trick or treat around the hospital. Ally got a bag full of candy. The playroom had at least 100 costumes the kids could choose from, we actually brought Ally's costume from home (bee), but they let her pick out some accessories to make her "Her Royal Highness, The Bee" she had a fun time.

Anyway...today's treatment went much smoother. Ally did have pain for 45 minutes (which seems like FOREVER, when your child is writhing in pain), but no scary hallucinations, or jerking body. Her heart rate did drop to the 80s and 90s. Usually her heart races in the 170s/180s, and we need to wait for it to calm down before we are allowed to leave. Currently she is up in the 150s, which strangely enough makes me feel a lot better than the lower heart rate. We will probably hang out at the hospital until 1:30 or 2:00, and then head back to The Ronald. Hopefully Ally will snap out of it in time for the dinner that is being provided for us. She is VERY excited about the dinner!

That's all for now....oh yeah, the meds also make her lips swell, we have our own Angelina Jolie. Enjoy the remaining snow up there in the Northeast...

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