Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011 3:24 PM, EDT

Here is a picture of Ally with Linny, the Wonder Pet. We were just hanging out before the 3f8 this morning.

Ally has been having a hard time snapping out of it this week. The medical professionals thought we might be over-medicating her, because it has been so long since her last treatment and the narcotics are too strong for her to fight off. So, last night, following doctor's orders, we took Ally's pain patch off, and did not replace for today. As Ally was experiencing a whole new level of pain today I was kicking myself in the ass. Luckily it only lasted for 20 minutes, but even the nurse was concerned with the level of pain Ally was experiencing. We have decided not to put another patch on her, as it carries it's own set of complications, instead we are going to up her "rescue" meds for tomorrow. Hopefully that will take care of everything. Lesson learned, too bad it was Ally who had to bear the brunt of it. (We are not upset with anyone. We talked a lot about using the patch or not using the patch, and thought that taking the patch off was the best course of action. Sadly it was not, but we have a new plan for tomorrow that we are happy with.)

Ally is resting comfortably on Daddy's bed right now. We have another dinner, here, at The Ronald tonight, and tomorrow is the LAST DAY!!!

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Andrene said...

Ally is a really brave little girl. May God be with her and her family in these hard trying times. God bless!! and be Strong!