Friday, November 11, 2011

Absent from my own life for some time

I knew, somewhat. Things not quite
matching. Stitches dropped. Vague sense
that something needed doing, but what that
something was escaped like mist.

Never quite enough energy to get entirely
through a day, in tact.
Waves building for years, rising,
and finally like those deep blue in a Japanese print
breaking white against cliff and sky

A matter of simple mineral
When the deficit is too large
the electrons don't fire clear
across the gap, but fall
and you follow

This is what starvation is:
phenomenal, not imaginary

I'm not back yet
but am beginning
to delineate where I've been
skry scri scry?

21 October 2011

1 comment:

listener said...

I feel both sad and
hopeful. I feel companioned
though my own road has been so
much shorter than yours.
When something creeps up on you
slowly it isn't until you begin
to feel better that you discover how
truly bad you were feeling. I am
humbled by your diligence. I am
moved by your love
of living.