Friday, October 21, 2011

Kind men and women

The doctors wear white coats
of armor, not to be confused
with those who wash you and
steal your vital signs

Though everyone listens to your
Or what they can find, hear, fear
And check your ankles

The movements in your gut
as well attended to as your mother
did when you were two

It's hard for them to tell you why,
though what is easy. You have to ask, and even
then they stumble a bit ~~
You have no uniform, no key
Your bum hangs out --
You have no dignity

Occasionally one. Brought
in from a back yard bar-B-Q, yellow shirt
black lead apron, going about biz.
Too bad I can't see.
He swings the screen in front of me.

Oh, dear!
You've seen that bird, then?
Oh, yes. But I thought it belonged to someone else.
Internet, eh? and laughter. That laugh keeps me
through the next five days.

A doctor in a yellow Izod shirt.
Imagine that.

17 October 2011

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