Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011 6:56 PM, EDT

Ally has a CT scan on Monday. We are going to try it without anaesthesia this time. The anaesthesiologist will be on stand-by, in case Ally freaks out, but hopefully she will be fine. Our understanding is that Daddy will be able to sit next to her. This is a huge step forward for her. Please send out some extra prayers for a calm Ally on Monday (right around 11:00). She will have the rest of her scans on Thursday; prayers needed for those as well.
Sadly, with her scans spread across the week she will miss 2 days (out of 3) of preschool next week. She has only had 2 days so far, and has enjoyed them. She is already interacting with the other kids and is way more outgoing than last year. I think she is going to LOVE this preschool.
With Ally being sick the last couple of weeks, and with starting Accutane, she has lost 2 pounds. She is now back down in the 27 pound range. We are trying very hard again to get her appetite back up, and to get the pounds on her. We have instituted a sticker chart for eating. It is REALLY hard for her. She does not like to eat, and when she does eat, it takes a long time; usually over an hour for dinner. It is frustrating for her and for us.
The Accutane seems to have peaked. Her peely face is looking better, but her lips are a mess. She only seems moody when she is eating, or getting tired. She should finish up this round on Wednesday and then she will get 2 weeks off.
This weekend we have the following activities:
soccer practice
birthday party
apple picking with Max
possible trip to Canobie Lake Park

Please send out those prayers for next week:
Monday: CT without anaesthesia
Wednesday: MIBG injection and HAMA results
Thursday: MIBG scan and Bone Marrow samples

Happy Fall!

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