Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 2:58 PM, EDT

So, here is the news: Next week we will go to the NH medical center for Rituximab, and then the week of July 25th we will go back for a second dose of Rituximab, the day after that dose she will get some low dose chemo. Ally has had few side effects from this treatment, but she was showing signs of allergic reaction last time (if you recall...massive headache and vomiting), so we are going to pre-med her like crazy.

Swim Lesson News: Last week Ally had issues letting go of my hand for the lesson (I am the ONLY parent in the pool). She is still reluctant to let go of my hand, but one of the lifeguards has been trying like crazy to get her to hold his hand. She held his hand for the first time today...there are only 2 lessons left. This is how I am looking at it: The 18 year old lifeguard does not care that I am in the pool with Ally, the Dad with the little girl who is also reluctant to go in the pool, but will also hold my hand and go in, is thankful for me being in the pool, and it is HOT HOT HOT on the side of the pool....so Ally can be as reluctant as she wants!

That's about it for now. Summer is GREAT! Ally stayed up (until 10:15) for the fireworks last night and loved them. I'll update again when I have more interesting things to write.

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