Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 11:12 AM, EDT

Ally's HAMA came back positive again. Our instructions were to draw blood again in a month. That makes me think her level is still high. I have a call into the doctor to find out if it is at least coming down. Ally being positive is good for our personal calendars (end of school craziness and she has swim lesson the weeks of June 27 and July 4), but we always want to be moving forward with treatment. Plus, scan time is coming around again. I am hoping to schedule them so I don't have to miss the last 2 days or school, or so that Ally doesn't miss swim lessons.....we'll see how that goes.

Other than that Ally has been doing well. She is loving school, and we think we found a good match for her for next year. It is a Montessori preschool, 3 afternoons a week, just a couple minutes from our house (as opposed to the 15 minute drive Grammy and Grampa are currently doing).

We broke out the sprinkler (a wiggly caterpillar) and Ally and our friend Max had a blast the other day. Yesterday her fun time was cut short by a fall on the pavement and scraped knees. The first of the season. Our little Drama Queen was unable to walk for the rest of the night, and required that she be carried....luckily it was close to bedtime.

Upcoming for us: scans, closing out school, swim lessons, dance camp, and a twin sized bed!!!

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