Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011 6:22 PM, EDT

written by Ally’s Mommy

We just got another call from Ally's oncologist...her bone marrows are clean!!!

So, here is a recap of our last couple of weeks:

~Ally had a great year at school. She LOVED going, and is looking forward to going to a new school next year. There is at least one other girl from Ally's preschool going to the new one as well; it will be nice for her to have a friend to start the year off. I am pretty sure her teachers loved having her as well. On her last day Ally came home with a special shell from her teacher, and excellent marks on her report card.

~The day after Ally's last day she came to school with me. It was our field day, family picnic, and clown assembly day! (There was little academics happening that day...shhhhh, don't tell my Superintendent!) Our field day was Alice in Wonderland themed (our PE teacher is AWESOME and put the whole thing together...she even trusted me with the part of the Mad Hatter, in the play). Ally liked it when Mommy was on stage in front of the whole was my acting debut, and I only forgot my lines once, but quickly recovered! Later, Ally was very impressed with the clowns; they were not creepy at all! They were there to promote a circus coming to town in July, we might even try to catch the show!

~Since then we have had some normal days and of course.....CLEAR SCANS!!!

~On Tuesday or Wednesday we will find out if Ally is HAMA positive or negative. If she is negative we will head to NYC in July (probably), if she is positive we will most likely do the Rituximab and Chemo again

~We have recently discovered The Wonder Pets, a cartoon on Nick Jr. Ally is's fun to watch her watch the show.

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