Friday, May 06, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011 8:58 PM, EDT (Ally’s Mommy’s 33rd Birthday)

Hello Again!
This morning we attended the annual Make-A-Wish breakfast. It was very moving when we walked in with the other wish families and all the donors stood up and clapped for us. Ally even managed to get 3 balloons! (We passed one along to another soon to be wish kid that lives near Grammie and Grampa Schulte.)

Sadly, today we found out that the City of Concord has cut funding for preschool, so Ally will not be able to attend next year. This is worrysome to me, as it has taken her up until pretty much this past week to be social with the other kids. It was the first time this week that she freely interacted with other kids while waiting to go inside. I am worried that if she has a year off, that Kindergarten will be too overwhelming for her. We are looking into other options, but are very disappointed at this point. Ally LOVES LOVES LOVES her teacher (and Daddy and I are so thankful to her, as we were not even sure school would ever be an option for Ally, and her teacher has made it one of Ally's most positive experiences)....if only the person who made the decision could have met Ally first...she would have changed their mind!

That's all for now. We will find out HAMA results next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011 12:42 PM, EDT

Vacation has been great! I asked Ally the other night what her favorite part of Mommy being home all week was, and her response: "Max"
Max is our across the street neighbor. They moved in last fall, but due to Ally's crazy schedule and the feet and feet of snow we did not meet them until this week. Max and Ally quickly became friends. Max turned 2 in January, and has a pretty cool Mommy and Daddy. Ally often looks out the window to see if they are playing outside, and will often wonder what Max is doing when they are not together. They play very well together. I think a wonderful friendship has been made.

On the medical front: Ally gets HAMA drawn on Thursday, and we will find out the results the following Wednesday. If she is HAMA negative we could be in NYC the week of May 15th or May 22nd. Looking back, it was one year ago that Ally first became HAMA positive...I remember freaking out about it then. It is amazing what changes in a year. We always like to move forward with treatment, but then I think: if she is positive this time around, we will draw again in a month, and probably be able to put off the next round until school gets out, then I won't have to take another week off, and I could even end the year with 1-2 sick days left (that hasn't happened since Ally has been sick).

Ok...we are off to take a walk in the wonderful weather, and probably stop for an ice cream! I'll update later in the week about the Make-A-Wish breakfast!

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