Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quantum Life

They say that everything swirls
constantly interacting, changing
but all I see is what I know:

My book, the living room sofa,
the rug, the window looking out
onto the meadow and Storm Mountain.

They call it Monkey Mind,
thoughts, feelings, wants,
memories rushing in whirlpools.

My mind's a planet and I
can't find the sun. It hides
behind the miasma of mortality.

And so you ask, ten years
from now, what will my life
be like? I'll see more deeply,

know that everything I think
and feel goes out into the universe
and all that we are made of lives.

Catastrophe, chaos, crisis
brings change, the newspaper said
and we will be changed, remade.

Transparent to ourselves so that
everything we think, say, or do
reverberates like music, like love.

By Pat in Colorado on Apr 17, 2011


Catreona said...

Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I used to work with a guy who made these blocks with the "trees" inside. He worked at a particle accelerator at the Naval Research Laboratory. An electron beam with several million electron volts of energy is directed at the clear plastic block, the energy calculated so that the electrons slow and come to rest just at the center of the block. Then the block is removed from the beam, loaded with charge, taken to a table and the point of a metal spike is placed on it where the "trunk" of the tree will eventually be. The spike has a ground wire attached, connecting it to earth. The spike is whacked with a hammer and BAM! all the charge drains to the spike like a lighting bolt, leaving melted plastic in its wake.
He would make a few of these and turn them into mementos to give visiting VIPs to the accelerator, back in the 60's and 70's.