Friday, March 04, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011 2:53 PM, EST

Here is a picture of Ally taken a year ago.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been looking back over pictures of Ally in her past treatments. I was recently connected with another family in NH that has a son battling NB. They are down in Boston today, beginning a stem cell transplant. I have been talking to the mom on the phone about our experiences. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to connect with them, but I am glad I did. It has brought back a lot of memories and feelings, but I think the mom appreciates my take on things. We have also connected with a family from Ally's preschool. Up until recently only Ally's teachers and the school nurse knew about her medical history. It was frightening, letting others into our little world....they are such a great family, and I didn't want to scare them off. So, it has been a couple of weeks of talking about Ally's history. It is overwhelming.

And now to move on....
This week is vacation week!!! On Monday we just chilled out at home, because the weather man lied to us, and told us it was too dangerous to drive, so we did not go shopping, but stayed home and watched the rain (not sleet or freezing rain, or snow) come down...oh well, we cuddled like crazy. On Tuesday our good friend and awesome Mommy came over with her 2 month old son. This is the little 4 pounder I asked you all to pray for. He is over 8 pounds now, and could still use some prayers (can't we all!) Ally loved playing with him, and did a great job holding and feeding him. Yesterday we met up with Auntie Kelly at the Children's Museum. Oh the fun that was had! It was great to see Ally with so much energy. She loved it there, and wants to go back soon! We even met up with Grammy and Grampa for a tasty lunch of crepes!!! (Highly recommend the crepe place!) I think Ally is going to force Grammy and Grampa to bring her back there soon (on a non-school day of course!) Today we went over to one of Ally's preschool friends’ house. Usually Ally is very shy for the first 20-30 minutes anywhere we go...not today. The girls had a blast, and I had so much fun talking to another Mommy. Tomorrow we are going shopping with Auntie Lynn and maybe Uncle Jason! Then we get a whole weekend with Daddy!!!!

At school Ally has been learning about community helpers. Her favorite game to play with Daddy is "Vet". Daddy will bring in an animal, describe the symptoms and then Ally will treat the animal. It is very cute, because she knows so many medical terms, but does not always use them properly. I love to watch (as I am not actually allowed to play...this is an Ally/Daddy game).

Ok, I guess you can tell Ally is napping right now, as this is becoming an epic post, so here is the medical stuff:

Ally gets HAMA drawn again on March 17. I actually have to take her to the medical center for the draw, as our regular visiting nurse is out on medical leave, her backup is out on maternity leave, and the 3rd nurse is not allowed back in our house. Plus, we need the blood back, because we have to ship it, overnight, to NYC, and the local draw stations will not give it back to us. Road trip! We also have scans coming up at the end of the month. (Always a nervous time for us, please keep clear scans in your prayers.) If she is HAMA positive we will scan in NH, if she is negative we will take 2 weeks in NYC for scans and the 3f8 treatments. Details, details, details.

Have a lovely weekend!

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