Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011 9:36 PM, EST

Here is my ramble (Try to follow my segmented train of thought):
Today was a looooooooooooooooong day for Ally and Daddy. The plan was to begin around noon. The hospital asked them to get there at 9:30 this morning to get things started and whatnot. When I called Daddy around 2:45 they had not yet begun, were still in the playroom and had not eaten lunch. Despite this Ally rocked it out! She played with some of the volunteers, and gave Daddy a little break. Word spread that it was her birthday and boy did they make it awesome! When Ally finally got back to her room, around 3:30ish they had a huge banner with a pig on it and LOTS of presents! They had to find a bag for Daddy to bring it all home in. Who knows how it will get back to NH?!?
Daddy said Ally did great with the 3f8. She seemed to have less pain than in past times, and even had some pain rescues left over. (In the past she has needed all of them, and on one occasion needed an extra beyond the normal.) They were at the hospital until 9ish tonight. (Yup, that's 11.5 hours today!) Ally needed oxygen, which she HATES! She actually covered up her mouth and nose when they started it. Really, she just needed to cough a few times to loosen some stuff up, but she refused. Hopefully Daddy will be able to process that with her tomorrow, so they will be able to get out of there sooner. Speaking of tomorrow, the plan is for the hospital to call Daddy's cell phone when they are ready for them to come to the hospital. At least now they won't be stuck at the hospital all day. Hopefully they will be able to begin sooner tomorrow as well. Ally did great, and Daddy is the real hero of the day. He made sure Ally was happy the whole time and remained calm!!!
So much is going through my head that I can't make sense of it all, tomorrow I will tell you about the Ice Cream Cake! and the dental surgery. Right now I am just relieved they are back at the Ronald, Ally is resting comfortably, and Daddy finally gets to eat the left over cereal from this morning. I love those two!

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