Thursday, January 06, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011 5:21 PM, EST

I got a call from NYC today. Turns out...Ally is HAMA negative! Wow...and her blood draw is tomorrow...they can now see into the future! (Actually, when we were up at DHMC last week for scans they drew a HAMA and sent it off....but never told us.)

Anyway, Daddy and Ally will be traveling to NYC on Ally's birthday and she will get her fourth round of 3f8. Happy Birthday to Ally. Kind of a stinky present, as it is a very painful week for Ally, but she should be recovered from her dental surgery by then, and moving forward with treatment is the best thing.

So, our upcoming dates:
January 21: Dental Surgery
January 29: Mommy, Daddy and Ally have birthday cake
January 30: Ally's Birthday/Travel to NYC day
January 31-February 4: 3f8
Sometime in February: Ally's Birthday Party

Ally is a little upset about having to go to NYC, and very upset that it messes up her birthday party/cake. We thought it best to wait until we get back to do her party, as it would be mean to give her a party and then make her keep all her gifts at home and travel to NYC the day after. We compromised and said we could have cake before we left and a party when we get back.

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