Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011 8:44 PM, EST

Daddy and Ally have made it safely to "The Ronald". Reports indicate a very long and boring train ride, with a 20 minute nap. Despite this Ally remained pleasant. At Penn Station, when we get off the train, there is a flight of stairs that needs to be climbed. They are narrow and steep...not an easy climb with a 4 year old, a backpack, the world's heaviest suitcase and hundreds of other people doing the same thing. Ally kept telling Daddy he was doing a good job carrying all of the heavy stuff. She even said he could take a break at the top of the stairs, before heading up to street level (at least there is an escalator there!), she is a sweetie. As soon as they got outside Daddy was able to hail a soon as they got outside. He mentioned this awesome (oops, I mean radical) moment of cab hailing at least 3 times in the 15 minute conversation I had with him. They got to the Ronald, Ally got a toy (the Wonder Wheel) and settled into their room at the back of the house (the quiet side, away from the street noise!). Ally did another fantastic job at the grocery store and at the dinner the Ronald provided for all of the families. Daddy said today was an awesome...I mean radical...(it's really hard not to use that word, it would be like not using "wicked", here in New Hampshire) day for Ally. He said she is the "Queen of New York". They have already run into some old friends, and Ally is already less shy with people (we told her that when you turn 4 you are no longer shy....I think she actually believes us!). She is such a good girl. I miss them both so much already.

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kathie said...

Good job being less shy, Ally!