Sunday, January 09, 2011

Christina Taylor Green

Brave home

you need not stand as you weep ...

lie on the grave of a child now free

of your insanity

and let her jump

in your puddle of tears.

Having long lost our innocence

banner striped in blood

there in our flag, our anthem

Dear Country

Lay down your arms

if your heart be so dark

as to kill a child.

By Phil Specht on Jan 9, 2011


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Phil! Thanks for sharing, puddle! I heard her Mom interviewed this morning and all I can say is that her Mom is not only a very strong woman, she is handling this with a grace that I don't think I could muster in that situation.
May her loss be the beginning of a new respect and thoughtfulness in our politics.

Anonymous said...

That's Jo, not anon btw. my google password isn't working for some reason! xoxoxoxo

puddle said...

Thanks, Jo. If you hadn't come back, I would have assumed it was Monica, lol!

This is just TOO close to home. . .