Sunday, December 26, 2010

We have had a magical Christmas so far.

Ally has been so excited for the whole week. We were worried she would not be able to sleep last night. Nope...she was such a good girl, she fell right asleep. We actually had to wake her up this morning too! Ally was very excited to see that Santa had eaten his cookies and drank his milk. She opened her presents and then would play with each of them for a little bit, before moving on to the next. Toward the end she was just ripping through them, tossing the paper to the side. It was fun to watch. She was very excited for all of her presents, excepts the clothes, which she tossed to the was reminiscent of "A Christmas Story". She has had tons of fun playing with all her new toys and hanging out with all the Aunties, Uncles and Grand Parents.

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