Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010 4:20 PM, EST

This weekend we got our Christmas tree. Ally thought it might be too big, but as it turns out it fits perfectly in our living room. Ally had fun decorating it.

This past week I have not been feeling well, and a doctor told me I have bronchitis on Friday. Today we were at the Make-A-Wish Holiday party and about 20 minutes after we got there Ally started to shut down. A little bit later she said her tummy hurt. She slept for the 20 minute ride home, and then again for another hour and a half when we got home. Her temp is running in the high 99s. Please pray we don't have to take her up to the hospital tonight or tomorrow, and that a good night's rest will rid her of her fever. We were sad to leave the party so early, because it was AWESOME, and we only got a little taste of it. We will be sure not to miss next year's party!

That's it for now, I will be sure to let you know what happens with the temperature.

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