Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas Morning Pome

as we are with the earth
and part of her dirt
so as she turns
to light, steering into
spring and fecundity
we celebrate

as if she loved us
each, one to one
we love our own
parents, children
children, each other
and everyone, those
who have been let into
our hearts

and in joy and in relief
praise the coming of one more year
with love, and feasts
and gifts of love

how entirely human
and glad to be
we are in this dark
waiting, expecting and perceiving
new light

we fix bits of light
to green and growing things
fashion fruits and birds
and lay nuts and seeds and berries
among the branches
and sit, in the flickering dark
with our love

love of ourselves
and all others
for this sweet and
hopeful second of the year

blessed blessed blessed

Christmas Morning


eagle said...

The beauty here simply haunts me each time I read it

I oft say I love you with a feeling in my heart like no other

Yet words fall far short...the feeling occupies every fiber of my soul, every part of my being

I drift as a snow flake flies... hoping, wishing, feeling that our time is near

white bear said...

Our time IS near. . . .