Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 8:04 PM, EDT

Every night we read Ally 2 books after we have hooked her up to her pump; one of which is a goodnight book. She has been choosing Good Night Moon for the past couple of months. We have gotten into the habit of letting her choose what is jumping over the moon. Here is what transpired this evening:
Daddy: What is jumping over the moon tonight?
Ally: Pa pa pa pa, something that starts with pa pa pa
Daddy: Penguins?
Ally: PIGGIES!!!!!
Daddy: Ok
Ally: Tomorrow night it will be wa wa wa dubba dubba dubba doubleyou WORM!!!!!
Daddy: WOW! "In the great green room....."

What a fun kiddo we have!

On Tuesday Ally got to be in a marching band at school. All the kids had instruments (Ally had something that shakes and make noise) and marched around the playground. She LOVED it! She is VERY secretive about what happens at school, and rarely shares anything that happens there, but she was willing to tell us about the marching band. In fact, we now have several homemade instruments around our house. Super fun!

As of right now we are in a holding pattern for 3f8 treatment again. She gets HAMA drawn on the 18th, with results on the 24th. Hopefully it will be a great Thanksgiving with plans to go to NYC the following week. (Anything is better than the Emergency Room Thanksgiving of 2009.)

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