Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010 2:04 PM, EDT

Ally had a great time at the zoo yesterday. She was much more willing to play in the children's part of the zoo, than the last time we went. We got some cute pictures.

Ally was not a fan of the 30 minute walk to the zoo and back though. It put her in a cranky mood for the afternoon, but she snapped out of it later in the evening.

Today we headed to FAO Schwarz. Ally has been a trooper all week, so I told her she could pretty much pick whatever she wanted. She chose the smallest little Olivia stuffed animal in the store, stating: "I gots lots stuff at home, little Olivia good for me." She is such a sweetie.

When we got back to the Ronald today they were having some fun and food in the cafeteria area. Ally got to decorate a pumpkin and color. She had a great time.

However, we were up every 2 hours last night because Ally had/has diarrhea. It is one of the side effects of coming off all the narcotics and other meds she got this week. It has also caused her to not want to eat. Today she has only had part of an English muffin and part of a cookie. Hopefully the nap she is taking right now will set her tummy right and she will eat eat eat tonight at dinner.

We are scheduled for Quad Bone Marrow Aspirates tomorrow at 10:30 and a 4 hour urine collection. Please pray the 4 hour urine collection can start when we arrive at the hospital (at 8:30) and not after the bone marrows, and that the bone marrows are on time, because Ally is not allowed to eat or drink until they are done.

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