Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010 8:19 PM, EDT

Today went very well. In reference to how last round went (in April) today was pretty mild (and of course the doctors had a reason for that). She had pain for about 30 minutes. She slept for several hours. We were allowed to leave the hospital around 3:30. When we got back to the Ronald Ally slept some more. At 7:00 tonight we got to go to "Wacky Hat Night". Ally was still feeling the effects of all the narcotics from the treatment, so she did not want to participate, but it was still a tasty dinner and Ally enjoyed watching all the people. When we got back up to the room we talked with Daddy on the computer, and just as we hung up Ally snapped out of we called Daddy back and talked again. Ally is now resting comfortably. Hopefully she will sleep through the night.

Ally made some comments today (before treatment began) that broke my heart. She kept saying she didn't want to do the part with the ice packs. The part with the ice packs is the part with the intense pain. We put ice packs where it hurts, and they make it feel 0.3% better. She is so aware of everything, and even though she said she didn't want to do it, she knew she had to and just endured.

We ask too much of her, and she always delivers.

I am so proud of her, and she is so much braver than I will ever be.

Please pray tomorrow and the rest of the week will run as smoothly as today, and that this treatment will work and keep her in remission forever!

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