Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 2:43 PM, EDT

Preschool went well. The first part was all the kids coming in, looking around and playing with all the new toys. Ally made a bee line for the kitchen and was happy there. Then, the teacher went over some things that will be important (parking, snack, using the potty, etc.)
Ally was definitely one of the small ones there. There were a couple other little girls about the same size as Ally, and I noticed one of them just turned 3 a couple of weeks ago...hopefully she will catch up a little bit in her size. She was content to just play next to the other kids, and didn't really talk to any of the kids or the teacher, but she didn't shy away as much as usual. She keeps saying she will talk and will be fine when Grammy drops her off tomorrow.

I spoke to the teacher last week, and set up to meet with her just after the open house to go over a few things. The most pertinent concern being Ally began a medication this week, so her moods are going to be off. What a way to start your first school experience, on a mood altering medication! That's how we roll in the cancer world anyway. We are hoping that the new environment will keep the crazies down.

I didn't take pictures today, because it was just open house, but I am sure Grammy and Grampa will take pictures of her next to the school tomorrow!

The teacher sent us home with homework today. It was a sheet all about Ally. Ally was then confused about homework. She thought you did homework at school, and I tried to explain the difference between homework and schoolwork. Then, she said; "No, homework is at school. Let me show you." She then went, got one of her library books, and opened to a page where the boy says his dog ate his homework. The dog is in the picture, peering into the classroom with homework in his mouth. So, you can see why she was confused, because one of her books put homework at school. What a good little thinker she is!

Overall it looks like Ally is going to love preschool, Mommy, Daddy, Grammy and Grampa will not shed too many tears and Ally will get to be normal for a while. I like it, I like it a lot.

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