Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 4:46 PM, EDT

Our weekend was great! On Saturday we went apple picking and stopped by Ally's school to check out the playground. She loves the sand box there, and it is the size of our backyard! We also visited parks and restaurants. Sunday was a nice relaxing day with nothing to do!

Yesterday Ally spent the day at Grammy and Grampa's house. She had a blast, of course. Today she got to go back to school! She was very excited when she woke up this morning. Of course she already has the sniffles, but hopefully it will not turn into a fever and just stay a runny nose. I actually had a workshop, just up the road from Ally's school, and it let out just in time for me to meet Ally at school! She was surprised!

Ally is currently in her 2nd week of the grumpy medicine, for her 6th and FINAL cycle!!!! Late afternoon preschool, followed by a short nap does not equal a happy Ally, but next week she will be!

Ally has a HAMA draw on Thursday morning. We will get results from that on the 22nd.
On the 23rd Ally gets her port accessed and the MIBG injection. On the 24th she gets a CT and an MIBG scan. Unfortunately 2 of the doctors will be away and the 3rd doctor then has the work of all 3, so we may not hear any results until the following Monday. It will be an excruciatingly long weekend, but we have done those before.

Tomorrow night we are headed to the TGIFriday's near here. They are doing a Make-A-Wish Fundraiser. Ally actually has her picture on a plaque on the wall there!

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