Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010 9:53 AM, EDT

Surprise, surprise, the NYC office never called me back. So, I called them.

It looks like we are on for 3f8 treatment the week of October 4th. Mommy will be going with Ally, and possibly a special guest will be going with us.

There are about 4 million little details to go along with going to NYC. The biggest of which is scans. Ally gets scans about every 3 months. These include: MIBG, CT, Quad Bone Marrows, and a 4 hour urine. Ally's home oncologists are away at a conference this week, so she is only getting the MIBG and CT. The folks down in NYC are particular about having ALL the scans completed. So, I am now waiting for another call back about those. The urine shouldn't be a problem. I am hoping we can just do that one of the 3f8 days (since we are there for over 4 hours anyway). The Bone Marrow is going to be the tricky one. Even if we went down the Friday before they would not have results for the following week. So, we are hoping that as long as her scans are clear on Friday, they will be able to hold the bone marrow until Columbus Day (and hopefully that is a working holiday). There are about 3,999,999 other little things we have to do, but the urine and bone marrow may mess things up. Please pray that the NYC team will be flexible and empathetic, and that things will work out well. Also we need big prayers for clear scans, the 3f8 treatment means nothing if those scans are not clear!!!

I will be sure to update again when we hear scan results (which may not be until next Monday).

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