Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spent about an hour today watering the new grass. Planted two weeks ago, and 15 minutes of rain since. My spring is dry, so watering the grass consists of throwing a bucket in the river (which is still high enough that one of the five culverts is working), pulling it up, carrying the bucket 25' pouring it into a watering can, and. . . . The grass, with this care every other day is doing just fine. About 15 gallons, one bucket at a time.

Also spent some time harvesting rocks. Anything big enough to help rim the new bed. And one I've been able to loosen, but not yet roll up the incline it's on. It's huge, and will make a fine cornerstone. I *like* rock work. Musta been a stone mason in another life.

This story comes to mind:

When St. Paul's Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, was being built, a visitor was shown around. He saw a carpenter at work and asked what he was doing. "Cutting wood," was the reply. Next came a brick layer. "Laying brick." Finally, a stone mason. "Helping Christopher Wren build his cathedral." Something about stone.

And a garden is? A cathedral of flowers.

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