Wednesday, September 15, 2010

". . . for there is no place
that does not see you. You must change your life."

~~ Rilke

Oh, your life will change. Against your will.
Love leaves
and even the edges of possibility change
The walls around you hung with pictures
Surfaces, holding memory
The floor buckles

Later, in another country
water rises and more is lost
Refugees travel light and lighter

Resettled, digging out yet another
garden, moving rock, making dirt
planting, yes, by the sweat of your brow

The river wall gone now, and terraces and stairways
The very earth moving

Your life will be changed for you
and again

15 September 2010


eagle said...

Though change be part of all life,
we also know some things remain steadfast.

Therein run my feelings for you.
I am are me,
so complex

Yet our love shines through all obstacles unchanged.
Unchanged by the dust of time but growing as a seed beneath the soil.

I long for you, the one who holds my heart, my very soul
Knowing that our time is near.
You are that one - my sun, my love - now and forever.
That will never change.

white bear said...

Didn't see this earlier ~~ I've gotten used to your not being here.

Am stunned by this, and can only say ~~

eagle said...

I had meant to send it a day earlier but wasn't able to access the computer with the final product.

Glad you like it.



white bear said...

Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.