Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010 2:16 PM, EDT all the craziness of the HAMA draw/results I never mentioned the good stuff.
Last weekend we had a super fun time with Mommy’s family. Many of the relatives made it to the gathering where we all had a great time in the sun. We also received a very generous gift that will help out with our next trip to NYC. Thanks to everyone for participating in the Family Silent Auction! [Note: The family raised $1200 for Ally and parents, by auctioning within the family some family memorabilia.] I got some of Great Grammie's yarn, which I plan to make into something for next year's auction.

This past week I had to work Monday and Tuesday so Ally spent Monday with Grammy and Grampa and Tuesday with Daddy. She loved both days (I think she is getting sick of me being home all the time.) On Wednesday we visited Auntie in Portsmouth and had a great time. On Thursday Grammie came to visit us! And, on Friday we went to the beach and met up with some friends. It was a great week!

This morning, on their way home from the bagel shop, one of our new favorite songs came on the radio ("Tighten Up" by The Black Keys) and Daddy said how much he liked the song. Ally’s response: "They sound like monkeys!" Ally is a music critic.

I am expecting to hear about preschool soon. I am hoping she still has a spot.

We draw HAMA again on Thursday, with results coming on the 25th.


listener said...

Don't you live Ally's 50's look? LOL!

puddle said...

Indeed, lol! ♥