Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hula Girl making Button Soup

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 2:22 PM, EDT has been 2 whole weeks since our last update....and not too much has happened!

We have been having a lot of adventures. This past weekend we took Ally to a local pool and she was brave enough to walk in, up to her armpits. She even allowed Daddy to hold her in a swimming position while she kicked her feet. This was the most she has ever done in a pool. We were super proud of her.

Today we went to Squam Lake Science Center. Ally had a blast. We met up with some other friends there and even managed to catch the otter feeding (which sounds interesting, but when you are standing there with 60 other people in a cramped, hot space...not as interesting as one would hope).

Last week I had to work and Ally spent her days with Grammy and Grampa. They had all kinds of adventures as well...blueberry picking, pottery painting, acorn stew, and lots of other fun times. They found a wonderful park in Epsom as well.

Yesterday Ally had her blood drawn for her HAMA level. We will know the results on the 11th. We are hoping that it is negative so we can get this next round of 3f8 in before school begins again. Speaking of school....Ally's oncologist said she thought it was a wonderful idea to send Ally. Now we just have to wait to make sure she didn't get bumped to the waiting list.

So, this is what a normal summer is like....pretty nice, I think I will take more please!

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